American Imaging Consultants was founded in 2006 with a vision of being your strategic partner for teleradiology solutions. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, AIC is fully owned and operated by American trained, board certified, licensed radiologists who know and experience firsthand the issues that impact imaging services today. AIC was founded because our doctors realized early on with the increasing evolution of technology, that teleradiology was the key to providing high level care at affordable prices. To achieve this goal AIC has invested in a robust reliable teleradiology network that ensures our clients satisfaction through seamless technology and fast quality reporting. To further guarantee our clients peace of mind, AIC staffs a customer support team 24/7 to assist with any IT troubleshooting or questions at any hour.

The physicians at AIC believe that maintaining a strong relationship between healthcare providers is essential for proper teleradiology services. That is why our radiologists are always available for consultations or questions regarding the images they interpret. Because of this focus on quality of care and relationships with providers, we do not contract out our services to outside physicians. All interpretations delivered by AIC are from our core group of specialized radiologists that have a passion for the service we provide. This not only keeps our standard of care high but helps to lower the cost of our service.

AIC's focus on providing top in class quality of service combined with an affordable service option is what makes AIC the best choice for your teleradiology provider.